› Why register the whereabouts of my Will?

As an expatriate living overseas or a frequent traveller, anything could happen to you, at any time. Life does not come with any guarantees, and if the worst happens, particularly if it is sudden and unexpected, then a plethora of administrative matters kicks in very quickly. It begins with the issuing of a death certificate; then there is a long paper-trail until the last item is dealt with and your file is closed. Some of these activities cannot be circumvented. Protocol must be observed, especially when dealing with government departments. However, the one document that will speed things up considerably is a valid Will.

Unfortunately, we know, from our own experience, that sometimes it cannot be found. The frustration of next of kin and beneficiaries of a Will that cannot be found is almost off the scale. This web-site will help you to make sure that your family and friends know exactly where everything is. WherestheWill.com is an information channel, NOT a storage facility.

› What information am I registering?

WheresTheWill.com is an online database of Will locations. It is there to make sure that when you die your family and friends will be able to find your Last Will and Testament quickly, thereby cutting out some of the unnecessary difficulties in an already stressful situation.

WheresTheWill.com does not handle the storage of your Will but the location of the storage so that it can be found quickly and easily.

To ensure the accuracy of the information stored you will be asked to provide as much personal information as possible so that, if someone needs to find your Will they must;

  1. know enough about you, and so reduce the risk of fraudulent searches and
  2. be given the correct information if there is more than one entrant in the database with the same name.

› Who can find the location of my Will?

The only people allowed to see the whereabouts of your Will are those you have authorised.
When you register you will be asked to name at least two, and up to five, individuals who may see this information.

Each Authorised Representative (AR) will be emailed at the time that you sign up and asked to register on the site as an AR Member. There is no charge for this type of membership but it ensures that the AR knows about your registration; when your AR responds to our request for confirmation of their personal details, this adds additional security for your records

› Whom should I name as my Authorised Representatives?

You must name at least two people. We strongly recommend that you name a person in the Human Resources Department of your company and your financial adviser, then your Will professional, (the lawyer or professional Will writer who drafted your Will). The others can be a spouse, family member, close friend or the executor of the Will.

› What can people see?

Your Authorised Representatives will be able to access all the information you have stored. Anyone else will only be able to access a contact link to your authorised representatives

› Can I change my Authorised Representatives?

You can add, delete and edit Authorised Representatives at any time through your own personal control panel. When deleting a record you can also decide whether or not to inform the individual that you have removed them from your file. ARís will automatically be advised of being added or edited in the database to ensure the information is correct and to enable them to register where necessary.

› What is an Emergency Contact (EC)?

An EC is someone you spend time with on a daily basis. These are the people that will most likely be with you if something happens. You can nominate up to 10 ECís.

› What information can an Emergency Contact access?

An EC can only access a link to your AR email addresses. They will not even be able to see the email of the address. This way they can inform your ARís quickly if there has been an emergency and the ARís can take the appropriate action.

› Can I register other information with WheresTheWill.com?

We are currently adding to our services and will soon be offering registration of other important documents.